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“ We took a ghost your of Covington and it was fantastic!! My family and I enjoyed ourselves. It was a little bit of history with a whole lot of fun. I recommend it for families. “

Mary J, New York

“ We took a family trip to Covington, because my girls are BIG Vampire Diaries fans. We really enjoyed the beautiful town, the shops and even some of the surrounding towns! We will be returning for another visit! ”

Alabama Visitor (Facebook review)

Film Expert

“ There is a lovely town square that includes quaint shops and restaurants, the old courthouse as well as an old cemetery with graves of Civil War casualties. Wear comfortable shoes and stroll the streets, listening to hundreds of birds singing… ”

Los Angeles, CA Visitor (Tripadvisor Review)

Film Expert

“ It’s so relaxing to leave the hustle and bustle of the city to come home to Covington. Covington has culture, nightlife and great restaurants–all with down-home charm. ”

Atlanta, GA Visitor (Facebook Review)

Film Expert

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