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BOO! August in Covington Can be "Frightening"!

Why limit ghosts to Halloween? In Covington, they are out and about year-round. Since 2014, the Covington Ghost Tour has been a fixture in Covington’s nightlife. Your tour guide is a member of the East Georgia Paranormal Group, so she or he knows a thing or two about ghosts. Covington is rich in history and is such an enjoyable place to be that even the departed don’t want to leave. Bring along a friend, or just grab the arm closest to you when the unexpected happens. Well, not totally unexpected, since you will be on the hunt for phantoms.

This walking tour treats you to some of Covington’s historic homes and spaces and puts you up close and personal with whomever decides to appear. However, this being The Hollywood of the South, what would any tour be without checking out some of the locations where your favorite TV shows and movies are filmed? The Vampire Diaries, In the Heat of the Night, and The Dukes of Hazzard are among the filming sites you’ll see on the tour.

This isn’t your run of the mill ghost tour. Paranormal experts have investigated many of the sites you will visit. Videos of encounters and eyewitness testimonies add to the experience. You aren’t guaranteed to see a ghost, but chances are good. Dress comfortably and put on a good pair of walking shoes (maybe even running shoes, according to which spirit shows up).

The tour begins at the WildArt Gallery, 1105 Washington St. SW. Expect the tour to last about two and a half hours. Don’t worry – you can leave the tour any time you like. But trust me, you won’t want to.

Tours are available daily, Monday-Friday, 12:00 to 8:00 p.m., with an early start of 9:00 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

“We’re all ghosts,” said Liam Callanan in The Cloud Atlas. “We all carry, inside us, people who came before us.” If that is so, then that doubles the probability of seeing a specter on the tour. A trip to Covington isn’t quite complete without this soulful tour. You’ll learn interesting history, see beautiful places, get some exercise, and maybe even rendezvous with a ghost.

August in Covington is like every other month of the year – extraordinary.

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