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Some might say it took me long enough. I’ve been living in Covington for nearly a year, and I finally made it: The Vampire Stalkers Tour! It was so much fun that I’ll definitely be going again with my friends.

“There was a time when this town was very much aware of vampires,” Stefan Salvatore says in Season One of The Vampire Diaries television series. For Covington, that time is now.

The Vampire Stalkers Tour takes you around locations made famous by “The Vampire Diaries,” a supernatural drama television series based on the book series of the same name. The series aired 8 seasons to 2017 and features the mythical town of Mystic Falls, Virginia. It follows two centuries old vampire brothers, Damon and Stefan Salvatore, who return to their hometown. Upon return both are smitten with Elena Gilbert, a high school student who just lost her parents and is now being looked after by her aunt. Throughout the show the lives, loves, dangers and disasters in Mystic Falls keep viewers hooked.

Our tour guide, Haley, is an expert on The Vampire Diaries. It’s impossible to ask her about any season or character without an immediate and informed response. She loves her job as much as she loves the show. Ask her about the winter night she hid across from Academy Springs Park to watch scenes being filmed. And – this is important – if you have anything bad to say about Damon, do so out of Haley’s earshot which I completely agree with Team Damon all the way!

We were seated on a tram for the tour. I met vampire lovers like me from all over the world on the tram (I sat next to a family from Spain). The 2-hour tour showed us around many of the locations used for filming. While most of the time we rode along listening to Haley’s commentary, there were several stops along the way.

  • The first stop is Academy Springs Park. The park was used for many settings in the show, from forest to cemetery. And most importantly the Damon and Elena kissing in the rain scene. So iconic!
  • The houses of Elena and Caroline, next to one another on Floyd Street, are also stops. Don’t forget to get a picture in front of them!
  • The highlight of the tour is the stop at Lockwood Mansion – access granted exclusively to guests of this tour. This grand, gated home is even more impressive in person than onscreen. The homeowners come out to greet tour guests and answer questions about filming for the show. Filming at the mansion was done in one-week blocks, between 4:00 pm and 6:00 am. The homeowners stayed up all night each time and became volunteer crew members! Can they adopt me? Ha!
  • The garden in the rear of the home is nothing short of spectacular. It covers two to three acres, with a pond at the center. The mansion and its garden are in virtually every episode of the show. We were allowed to walk through the garden, stand under the wedding arbor, walk around the pond and see the bench where Caroline and Klaus had a moment ah!

The tour takes off from the Covington Welcome Center (1143 Oak Street). It is recommended you reserve your spot 2-3 months (yes, months) in advance. Stalking is popular. Visit mysticfallstours.com for tour information.

I’m also going to check out Main Street Trolleys & Tours. They go to the filming locations in Covington for over 40 movies. That’s a must-do. Go to mainstreettrolleys.com and see all the tours you can take.

Your local vampire lover,

Lucy Williams

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