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Hearing about Covington from the folks who live or visit here can give you a sense of how much fun a trip to Covington can be. Our blogs allow you to make a deep dive into Covington as you plan your visit.


It’s a beautiful, sunny Saturday. A perfect day to park hop in Covington, GA. I came for a visit recently and fell in love with the city and its people, so I packed up my apartment and moved here. I’ve never been happier.

I’m starting at Central Park. Along with the Historic Downtown Square, this is Covington’s community gathering place. With 214 acres and so much to do, I could spend the whole day here, but I’m committed to my day of park hopping. The championship level disc golf course is my first stop. Even though I am on my own, it’s easy to pick up competitors. Since people come from all across America just to play this course, I’m amazed it is only a few minutes from my home. I will definitely obey the Golden Rule of disc golf: “Behave, don’t waste time, and don’t bring the group down by getting angry.” The course is a great way to start off my park day.

Next, I hit the trails. Central Park is the hub of a terrific trail system that connects the 11 neighborhoods bordering the park and it joins Cricket Frog Trail that runs through the heart of Covington.

I heard a softball game is being played at Baker Field this morning, so I head over there and grab a bleacher. I have such fond memories of playing softball as a kid and watching this little league game after the exertion of disc golf reminds me how I used to play with abandon in my youth. After watching a few innings, I start toward Academy Springs Park. While it’s mostly families with small children who come here, there is a delightful little pond with a foot bridge. This is one of my regular peaceful places in Covington. Leaning on the bridge rail and watching the ducks play in the water is a great stress reliever.

By now I’m feeling a bit hungry, so I make a beeline for the Farmers Market at Heirloom Park. The market is a great place for grazing, with local fresh fruits, breads baked just this morning, and almost every vegetable you can imagine. It is also a marvelous place to meet new friends. As a newcomer to Covington, I have found a smile on every face and a “good morning” from each person on the sidewalk. The Farmers Market has all the food to stock my pantry and it displays the community at its best.

I decide to finish up my hopping at Turner Lake Park. After refueling at the Farmers Market, I’m ready to explore a few more trails. There are three miles of paved and unpaved trails at the park. My love of foot bridges is satisfied here, too. When I feel my steps slowing down, I stop on a foot bridge and take in the green surrounding me.

Along the unpaved trails there is an old homesite foundation. It stirs my imagination thinking of the families that lived their lives here. The site adds to the historic atmosphere that greets you at every turn in Covington. With the sun going down, I make my way to one of the ball fields in the park. I didn’t quite get my fill earlier today, so I settle in with a cold drink and peanuts to watch the kids play baseball. A fine way to end the day.

There will be more to look forward to tomorrow.

Until next time,

Bill Thomas

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