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It’s a new year and if you are like many people, you are making resolutions to take more time for yourself. You can spend your travel staying in hotels, but we’ve got a bed and breakfast that gives new meaning to how you want to spend your time. The Twelve Oaks is one of our attractions in Covington, GA that appeals to leisure tourism as well as history tourism and film tourism. Prepare to pamper yourself and find ways to de-stress from the everyday environment while experiencing exquisite southern charm and hospitality.


If the thought of simplifying life appeals to you, take the time to go back in time at The Twelve Oaks. Built in 1836, The Twelve Oaks is one of our luxurious places to stay. With its exquisitely renovated rooms, the 11,000 square-foot mansion is considered one of the most beautiful examples of antebellum architecture in the south. Built as a town house by a plantation owner, the home is one of many that survived Sherman’s March to the Sea. This is a history tourism destination that has won many awards including Georgia’s Top 10 Must See Antebellum Architecture by Georgia’s Official Travel and Tourism Arm.


You might have heard about this treasure from Gone With the Wind. It’s been said that Margaret Mitchell saw a photo of the house and wanted it used as the setting for Ashley’s house. There’s even a room called The Frankly Scarlett Room that is decorated in a manner that would definitely turn Scarlett’s head.

Although it might have first been filmed for Gone With the Wind, the mansion has attracted many productions over the years. An interesting fact for film tourism involves Salvatore Brother’s Study. Stephen McQueen stayed in this popular suite while filming the Vampire Diaries.


Simplifying life at The Twelve Oaks doesn’t mean you have to give up the best to live like it was in the 1800s. Hotels are nice and all, but this historic B&B is one of the best places to stay where you can get a new appreciation of luxuries. The mansion was completely renovated in 2012 and updated with every modern convenience. Their website describes it as “Antebellum bliss”. We’re trying to decide which is more exciting – a chance to soak in a claw foot tub or feeling our muscles instantly loosen from the high-pressure shower. This amazing ribcage shower is an original and one of only three showers like it in the world!

If that’s not enough to understand a new meaning for being spoiled, reserve a gorgeous room with comfortable plush beds and added luxuries such as Egyptian cotton sheets and soft Turkish robes. After you arrive, relax on a rocker on the front porch, walk along the beautiful, well maintained grounds and then enjoy a Southern Sippin’ and Nibblin’ Hour. After you’ve had an amazing sleep, awake to a delicious home cooked and locally sourced breakfast before heading off to explore other nearby attractions in Covington.

The Twelve Oaks is located within walking distance of the charming Covington Square. Part of the downtown historic district, you will find specialty shops and restaurants. If your interest is history tourism, take a self-guided historic home tour and plan a trip to the historic City of Covington Cemetery. For film tourism, make sure to see the collection at Mystic Grill’s The Alley, and visit the TV & Movie Museum where you can also arrange to take a tour!

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