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Hearing about Covington from the folks who live or visit here can give you a sense of how much fun a trip to Covington can be. Our blogs allow you to make a deep dive into Covington as you plan your visit.

Trailing into Fall

My favorite time of year has always been fall, but this year the season is particularly welcome. While the heat kept some of us indoors for days, the coming cool breezes invite us to get outside.

I know the perfect way to get fall moving – a nice long walk. Fortunately, here in Covington the Cricket Frog Trail offers the perfect setting for kicking up my heels. The trail is more than 14 miles long and winds through the heart of Covington. I can enjoy nature while at the same time staying right here at home.

The trail is paved for easy walking. That also means that bicyclists can enjoy the trail. It runs along a section of old railroad right-of-way from Lakeview Drive on the west of Covington to Ziegler Road just east of Mansfield. I can walk through Covington, on to Starsville, and then to Mansfield. At a steady pace, it is a three-and-a-half-hour walk. Just what I’m looking for.

The canopy of trees in many spots along the trail keep the sun at bay. The beautiful greenery along the way has a way of relaxing body, mind, and spirit. You can feel yourself taking deeper breaths and each step brings the relaxation needed after a long week.

What makes this trail so much fun is that while I’m in the middle of nature, I’m also in the middle of Covington. I walk right past the General Lee jump spot from the Dukes of Hazzard. Along the way I can see the beautiful homes of Covington. I cross over Dried Indian Creek. I can hear the voices and laughter from the Downtown Square a few blocks over. Some prefer a wilderness trail, but I like feeling that I’m still connected to my community and neighbors. Plus, I can walk out my front door and right on to the trail.

Speaking of neighbors, I encounter a few friends who have decided to spend their morning the same as me. We walk along together for a few minutes, catching up on family news, and planning our next cookout. One of the wonderful things about Covington – no, the most wonderful thing – is the people. When I hear someone talking about Southern charm and hospitality, I know exactly what they mean. I live in the middle of it every day. Greeting friends along the trail makes the day even better.

The Cricket Frog Trail helps to preserve the history and natural beauty of Covington and surrounding Newton County. The slower pace of walking or biking means that you can really see everything, not just zip by in a car. I come across some historical markers, take out my phone to snap a few pictures, and feel a connection with this place and its history.

I’m actually a little proud of myself. I found the best way to walk into fall with the crisp weather and holidays just ahead. There are other great trails to hike, but I haven’t found one that offers everything this one does. I hope to see you along the trail soon.

Until next time,

Bill Thomas

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