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Hearing about Covington from the folks who live or visit here can give you a sense of how much fun a trip to Covington can be. Our blogs allow you to make a deep dive into Covington as you plan your visit.


We love the attention we’ve gotten from travel bloggers! This is especially the case for TV and film tourism. We appreciate the eye for detail that travel bloggers have and their tourist perspective on our local destinations. While some of them focus on Covington as the Hollywood of the South with its abundance of productions, others share personal experiences and points of interests that connect them to a specific TV series or film they love.

One common theme that we’ve read from travel bloggers is that they want to experience the real place where filming was done. Their blogs about visiting Covington share their enthusiasm when they take in the sights and are welcomed with our southern hospitality.

We must admit that it is a lot of fun touring Covington and then watching some of the scenes where you’ve visited. Whether you are taking a weekend road trip or a vacation to Covington, get the scoop directly from travel bloggers who have highlighted our TV and film tourism attractions.


Bill Clevlen of Bill on the Road is a travel journalist, broadcaster and freelance writer who wrote about Covington being known as the Hollywood of the South®. Indeed, we’ve had many productions filmed here that have made Covington a premier filming destination. While the filming might have brought Bill Clevlen here, he also shared that there were many eateries he enjoyed.

“Every place where I grabbed a bite to eat was above any expectations. From a quick homestyle lunch at The Town House Cafe to a delicious calzone at Amici – I spent plenty of time eating well during my visit.” – Bill Clevlen


With Sweet Magnolias being a Top 3 show on Netflix, Covington is getting new love! There is an abundance of well-known magazines with articles about the series being filmed here, including: Newsweek, Southern Living, Marie Claire, and O, The Oprah Magazine.

Olivia Harrison, a writer for Refinery 29, wrote about the real life location of Sweet Magnolias, one of Netflix’s newest productions. The heroines in the romance live in the fictional town of Serenity. The real location is Covington, which Olivia said captures that “special essence of Serenity”. She wrote that the TV series has the “added appeal of a quintessential Southern backdrop” and “its charming vibe is key to bringing the story to life.”


We love the pictures and personal descriptions Saskia wrote on her blog when she visited Covington to view filming locations from The Vampire Diaries. She’s one of our international travelers from Germany. We’re glad she took the time to choose Covington in her travel itinerary! Here’s what she had to say about us:

“Hands up, who knows this place? This is the main square of the show! There is the town clock, the mystic grill and the town square all together. Now, I really want to start all over again with Vampire Diaries only to say that I was there, haha.” – Saskia

“Still standing! That’s Elena Gilbert’s house! She wasn’t home obviously.” – Saskia

“Surprisingly, Caroline lived next to Elena. Well, just in the real world they would be neighbors.” – Saskia

Another travel and lifestyle blogger is Holly Habeck. She wrote about the popular Vampire Stalkers tour her blog:

“Hands down the best way to explore Covington, GA is through an official Mystic Falls Tour.” – Holly Habeck

In talking about the tour guide, Holly said:

“Jessica, the owner of the company, is incredibly knowledgeable on the show and the area, and she personally knows many of the cast members.” – Holly Habeck

“She has tons of great stories, and she really knows what she’s talking about when it comes to “The Vampire Diaries”, the spinoff “The Originals”, and now even “Legacies”, the third TVD spinoff!” – Holly Habeck

We agree with Holly that taking the tour gives you great extras – you get access to locations like Worthington Manor, better known as Lockwood Mansion in The Vampire Diaries. You’ll also get tidbits of information about the cast. So, how did this experience make Holly feel? We think what she said here sums it up:

“It was really cool to sit outside here like the TVD cast did many times and look out at Covington Square or the clock tower…it really feels like you’re in Mystic Falls!” – Holly Habeck

There are tons of bloggers who visit Covington to see the real Mystic Falls and Shannon Entin with The TV Travel shared her experience.

“When TV shows and movies use real towns for a large part of their filming, it’s great fun for fans to visit. Some real-life towns have been transformed into fandom destinations. They embrace the fans with local merchants offering tours, merchandise, and themed food. This is definitely the case in Covington, aka Mystic Falls, Virginia.” – Shannon Entin

Shannon didn’t just talk about Vampire Diaries attractions. She shared information about some of our dining and shopping destinations.

Covington gets travel bloggers from all over the world. Tiia Öhman with FanGirl Quest came from Helsinki, Finland. She shared her experience while visiting Covington on her blog about vampires with a focus on The Vampire Diaries and Legacies.

“In Covington, we were treated like royalty: delicious meals, local gifts and museum tours and a memorable night in an old mansion (probably haunted!) with fancy ol’ furniture and a breakfast experience like no other. We talked about the city’s history, the local gossip, food, architecture, you name it. Our quick visit was over way too soon; we could’ve easily spent a few more nights just enjoying the welcoming atmosphere.” – Tiia Öhman


Another blogger from overseas is Leona Wandermust. She’s a wife, mother and founder of the Wandermust Family Travel Blog. We love that Leone and her family not only came to visit us from afar, but they also stayed at the Twelve Oaks! She mentioned that Gone With the Wind is a favorite book of hers, so when she found out about the inn, she had to stay there.

“When we were road tripping around the USA and I found out that the original inspiration had been turned into a bed and breakfast, I knew I had to stay there!” – Leona Wandermust

“The whole town of Covington surrounding the property is a film buffs dream known as the Hollywood of the South!” – Leona Wandermust

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